Cake Shop Presents: The Harpoons, Blonde Maze, JR Nelson

“What a revelation! Melbourne band The Harpoons have always had something special. Over the past couple of years they’ve been steadily releasing songs and showing their smarts with beautiful lead vocals, and perfectly placed sounds that show off their love of pop.” – Catch of the Day,

“The Harpoons are a four-piece group from Melbourne, Australia whose catalog of sweet tracks dances along the borders between sultry R&B, pop, and fuzzy electronic. Off stage, The Harpoons are brothers Henry and Jack Mardin, Bec Rigby, and Martin King.” – FADER

Blonde Maze

Blonde Maze is the solo project of indie-electronic musician Amanda Steckler based in New York. After spending two years traveling between New York & London documenting her travels via synths, bells, and vocals, she compiled four of her most personal tracks to form her debut release, Oceans EP.

Oceans EP was released May 11th and represents the love, pain, excitement, and longing that comes with being an ocean away from someone or something dear to you. Each track portrays a different phase in this transatlantic journey. The Oceans EP, while overall indie-electronic, explores many sub-genres within this umbrella, subsequently attracting a variety of fans and getting international online radio airplay.