Brooklyn Wildlife (W/ Special Guest Crimdella)

Join BRIC TV for an exclusive, live in-studio performance and interview with Brooklyn Wildlife.

Opening set by DJ Spencer Blake!

Brooklyn Wildlife is a lifestyle and culture-centric brand that serves as a platform for independent artists and creative individuals. Brooklyn Wildlife is about generating awareness for Indie art, fashion, nightlife, video and music. Brooklyn to worldwide, their goal is to establish a sustainable vehicle for creative development, incubation and distribution utilizing technology and progressive models to remain self owned yet globally available. Brooklyn Wildlife hosts art and culture festivals, discussion groups, live music shows of all genres, film fests, and work to match a community of fans/friends/patrons with a community of independent creatives.  They create original content as well as produce and act as consultants,  to assist others in the creation of original content for web, radio, tv and film. Brooklyn Wildlife seeks to be the change, and are committed to working with people of color, women, members of the LGBTQ community and those that have historically been disenfranchised.

Crimdella is  a Harlem, NY MC whose name rings out city-wide. As a founding member of Black God Pantheon, ‘Crim, is true to his roots and neighborhood. An uptown icon in the making, he is the youngest son of revered activist Elombe Brath.

Crimdella’s latest album, the self-released Bury Me In Gold is a testament to the emcee’s skill, and Harlem’s rich African American identity. Uptown’s legacy, it’s juke joint past, its street wisdom, and unapologetic pro-black heritage all flourish in Crimdella. The album exudes the brash playfulness, and razor wit of the great Harlem rappers before him, with a sound that is modern, but undeniably New York.