Blood Orange, Moses Sumney, Sean Nicholas Savage

Devonté (Dev) Hynes is a producer, songwriter, and artist currently based in New York City. He has written and produced songs for a wide range of artists including Solange Knowles, the Chemical Brothers, Florence and the Machine and Sky Ferreira. Dev also writes music under the moniker of Blood Orange, and has released two albums, titled Coastal Grooves and Cupid Deluxe, on Domino Recording Co. Most recently, Dev composed the score for the Gia Coppola directed, and TriBeCa Film Festival featured film, Palo Alto; and in addition, was a speaker at the 2014 TED conference held in Vancouver.

Moses Sumney is a new LA-based singer & songwriter. Growing up, he was so shy that he would write songs avidly but hide them inside his mattress. At 20, he moved out of his parents’ house to study creative writing at UCLA and finally gathered the courage to start performing music. After purchasing a beat-up guitar from a friend, he taught himself to play and accompany himself. He grew quickly as an artist at UCLA, soon performing weekly alongside the university’s most esteemed musicians. Now graduated, he creates soul-infused folk tunes using guitar and layered arrangements built on loop pedals. Recently, SPIN Magazine described him as a “soul-folk warrior,” Okayplayer called him “a name you should be hearing plenty of,” and Pigeons & Planes called his voice a “breathing instrument that suggests a depth of feeling lyrics can only partially express.”All of this, and he hasn’t even officially released any music yet.

Sean Nicholas Savage is a Canadian Singer and Ballad Composer. In 2013 he released the record Other Life, his most emotionally thematic work and first in a year since he prolifically delivered three full length cassette albums; Flamingo, Won Ton Jaz and Trippple Midnight Karma in 2011. Savage touches always on a theory or profound observation and comes to at least a suggested point in his pop, drama compositions. Perhaps the pinnacle attraction of his work are these observations, learned wisdoms, the ongoing adventures shaping Savage himself, the Artist, the Performer, the Narrator. A pop ‘character’, but with severe realness comparable to Punk/Pop greats, such as Sinead O’Connor, Boy George or fellow Canadian poetics Majical Cloudz and Mac DeMarco. However, with the way music is consumed today, comparisons of contemporaries fail to do any contemporary justice. A broad range of genres and movements; Jazz, Punk, Country and Bossa that must all leave a stain on an artist that is himself an art admirer. Once a staple spectacle performance in Montreal’s all night illegal party scene, Savage has since taken to consistent touring and producing wherever he may be, in the past two years. In the spring of 2014 he is set to release Bermuda Waterfall, the much anticipated masterpiece follow up to his opus; Other Life.