Beatnuts, Ana Tijoux, Bodega Bamz, DJ Tony Touch in association with Latin Alternative Music Conference

The Latin Alternative Music Conference (LAMC) – described by the NY Times as the “Sundance of Latin music” — celebrates its 15th anniversary and yet another year of collaboration with Summerstage for an exciting series of concerts featuring both classic and cutting-edge music from across the Americas.
The legendary Beatnuts are a groundbreaking rap group that emerged from Queens, New York in the late 80s and made hip-hop history with classic collaborations with Biz Markie, Fat Joe and Method Man. The Beatnuts, which includes Ju-Ju (of Dominican descent) and Psycho Les (of Colombian descent), have paved the way for new generations of Latin artists as the only Latin members of the infamous Native Tongues collective. Known for their classic hits “No Escapin This,” “Off The Books,” and “Watch Out Now” (which was later sampled by Jennifer Lopez for her radio hit “Jenny from the Block”), The Beatnuts have earned a stellar reputation for energetic live shows that showcase their diverse talents as MCs, DJs and producers.
One of the most respected MCs in any language, Ana Tijoux has been winning over fans around the world since her debut ‘1977’ bubbled up from an underground sensation into mainstream recognition after being featured on the hit TV show ‘Breaking Bad’ and favorited by Radiohead’s Thom Yorke. Ana Tijoux’s new album ‘Vengo’ showcase the nimble MC over lush, golden-era hip-hop production rooted in traditional Latin instrumentation. Rolling Stone named her performance at SXSW on of the best concerts of this year’s festival, while the New York Times has called her “South America’s answer to Lauryn Hill: equally skillful at singing and rapping.” Born in France to Chilean parents in political exile during Pinochet’s dictatorship, Tijoux moved back to Chile as a teenager and found a home in the emerging hip-hop scene of Santiago. In concert, Tijoux takes the stage with a full band that brings to life the intricate arrangements of the new album, a whirlwind trip through hip-hop, jazz, and funk, spiced with a bit of politics and her great sense of humor that has led audiences around the globe fall in love with her.
Spanish Harlem native, Nathaniel De La Rosa publicly known as Bodega Bamz aka PAPI is taking the New York hip-hop music scene by storm. By infusing his rich Latino roots with his urban lyricism, Bamz has created his own sub genre known as Latin Trap. Born of Puerto Rican and Dominican descent, his culture has always played a large role in his musical inspiration. From Hector Lavoe to Tupac, Bamz has mastered the art of incorporating Caribbean sounds and raw emotion filled lyrics. His stage name alone is symbolic of his drive and deep connection to his heritage, the name Bodega comes from the concept of “bodegas” or corner stores being pinnacle aspects to Latino communities, and Bamz is an acronym for “By Any MeanZ,” which means providing a variety of quality music by any means necessary. Although he is a fresh face to most listeners, Bamz has been rapping for over a decade. With the help of his younger brother, and engineer, Obed “Ohla” De La Rosa, Bamz mixtape ‘Strictly 4 My P.A.P.I.Z (Proud and Powerful Individualz)’ created an instant buzz online. Bodega Bamz has exhibited a great amount of versatility, not only paving the way for other Latinos, but also earning his way into hip-hop history.
Tony Touch A.K.A Tony Toca, began as a B-Boy during the rap music renaissance era of the early 80’s, and has been a force to be reckoned with ever since. From his legendary mix tapes, to his skills on the 1’s and 2’s, he has become one of hip-hop’s most recognized DJs and is known in the streets and industry as the real ‘Mix tape King’. This C.E.O/Artist/Producer recently dropped his 7th commercial release, and over the years has worked with everyone from Nina Sky to Snoop Dogg, and Tego Calderon to KRS One. Touch is a champion for the Latino community, as well as a global icon, having toured in over 30 countries. You can catch Tony on his weekly radio shows, for more info check