Ava Luna

Brooklyn-based indie art funk septet Ava Luna features Carlos Hernandez (vocals, guitar), Julian Fader (drums), Nathan Tompkins (synthesizer), Ethan Bassford (bass), and female vocalist trio Felicia Douglass, Becca Kauffman, and Anna Sian, performing with its trademark intensity, mirthful humor, and angularity. Ava Luna’s discography includes its debut album 3rd Avenue Island, as well as Services, Ice Level, Electric Balloon and their latest release featuring a structured set of art funk and R&B-infused songs, Infinite House.

GREAT SMALL WORKS was founded in 1995 as a collective of artists who keep theater at the heart of social life. Drawing on folk, avant-garde, and popular theater traditions to address contemporary issues, the company performs in theaters, clubs, schools, galleries, streets, and other community centers. Based in DUMBO, they produce performance works on a wide variety of scales, from outdoor pageants with giant puppets and hundreds of performers from diverse communities, to miniature “toy theater” spectacles. Great Small Works has received many awards, among them, a 2005 Puppeteers of America Jim Henson Award for Innovation in the Field of Puppetry and a 1997 Village Voice OBIE Award grant.