ACTUAL MAGIC (Chances With Wolves + Javelin), 79.5, Aquarium Drunkard (DJ Set)

ACTUAL MAGIC is the collaboration between Chances With Wolves and Javelin. In 2015, CWW gave Javelin the virtual keys to their collection of rare and forgotten gems and the two groups began working feverishly, making new music out of old things. The end result may be an album, or equally, a strange map to an obscure continent. For now, it’s a party it’s a party it’s a party.

Chances With Wolves is ill weird old records that not everyone is up on and mixing them up with all sorts of different genres of music and quotes from movies and hitting wolf howls all over them. People get stuck on genres. We’re stuck on dope. We are also interested in magic. Objects of magic and Objects d’art.

Javelin is George Langford and Tom Van Buskirk, two cousins from New England. Since 2005, through mixtapes and albums (released on Luaka Bop), they have re-imagined the recorded past and created various Dollar Bins of the Future through sample mining, live instrumentation, and vibe cannibalism.

Hard to categorize, easy to love, 79.5 has been making tons of noise around New York City for the past year. With three lead vocalists, Kate, Nya, and Piya and a band that pulls influence from every corner of a record store, it’s no wonder they are already taking the scene by storm. They are an act that gets put on as an opener and shortly there after is asked by the venue to do a month long residency. That residency leads them to a full page write up in The New Yorker before they even have a single out. The long and short of it is that 79.5 wins over the listeners wherever they play with an infectious energy. Between the arrangements of bandleader Kate Mattison and the prowess of all the players, their sets run a gamut of energies and tempos, whether breaking it down to a capella, turning it up to disco, or mastering the middle, they run the groove, and the crowd follows suit. Take all of that and put it in the studio with Big Crown’s own Leon Michels on production duties and you get a record we can’t wait to put out in the world, a record on which every song was recorded live to tape in one take.

“Terrorize My Heart”, a tune leaving no room for gray, finds the ladies of 79.5 walking the line between vulnerability and forthrightness. Setting out with admonishments of love and infatuation that are checked by the bluntness of women who’ve lived in the Big Apple for years, “is it her or is it me, that’s how it’s gotta be”. A smashing rhythm section covered in punching rhodes chops, flute parts, and dubbed out reggae rhythm guitar sets the perfect vibe for the ladies to trade off leads and come back together in three part harmonies: All the while taking the whole tune from half time to double time.

The B side, coined the Disco Dub mixed by Jens Jungkurth, finds Michels’ production taking “Terrorize My Heart” from the change where it goes to four on the floor and lacing it with drums and a clap track that absolutely pushes this tune over the edge into the realm of dancefloor banger. Tombstones fall over, the earth cracks open, and dead people get up and dance when this comes on…