Acrobatic Conundrum, ChelseaO Productions presents Cirqu’elle, Perfect Catch: a throw-mantic comedy in association with CircusNow

SummerStage Kids presented by Disney presents a special evening of Circus! Enjoy world class performers on stage as well as strolling performers are part of Circus to Go! by the Big Apple Circus, bringing family entertainment outside the tent.

The Acrobatic Conundrum was founded in 2012 by Terry Crane and Joselynn Engstrom, with the mission to create performance experiences that delight and engage audiences. Conundrum shows feature moments of absurd and intimate humanity. The artists of the Acrobatic Conundrum tell their stories as individuals as well as take physical risks live onstage. As a company, they are dedicated to a vision of human courage, connection, and collaboration. The troupe has produced three shows to date: Volumes I & II, and The Way Out. The company has performed in various venues around the Pacific Northwest and headlined the Chicago Contemporary Circus Festival, the first festival of its kind.

Chelsea O’Brian is a performer, teacher and artistic director of ChelseaO Productions. She has worked in the mediums of circus, dance, aerial dance, film and theatre. Her works have been supported by the Canada Council, the Ontario Arts Council, Conseil des Arts et lettres de Quebec, Adesam, and the City of Vancouver public art program. She has performed with companies such as Cirque Plume in France, Cavalia, Sens Productions, Rea’son d’etre productions, and Zaccho Dance Theatre. She is known in the circus industry for having invented the Aerial Kite, a unique circus apparatus. Her Aerial Kites can now be found internationally. Chelsea is currently based in San Francisco. Cirqu’elle premiered in the summer of 2013 at Zaccho studio in San Francisco. Since then it has toured to Santa Barbara and Richmond CA, and Chelsea is thrilled to bring the show to SummerStage!

“Perfect Catch” is the dynamic juggling team of Michael Karas and Jen Slaw. In 2011, Michael and Jen decided to create a theatrical juggling show that would appeal to the theater goers of New York City. An adorable 50-seat theater, The Canal Park Playhouse, agreed to produce their whimsical idea and the result was a huge success that ran for two seasons. “Perfect Catch: A Throw-mantic Comedy” was named a Critic’s Pick by Backstage Magazine and received a rave review from the NYTimes as well, citing Jen and Michael as “expert jugglers”. Jen and Michael continue to tour their show, promoting theatrical juggling as well as “huggling”, the combination of hugging while juggling. In fact, they set a world record in 2013 on live television for the longest huggling session without a drop – 33 minutes and 43 seconds. They’re excited to present their show at SummerStage – enjoy and come say hi after the show!