SummerStage: Lianne La Havas, LP, Quadron, DJ sets by DJ Center

lianne-la-havasSaturday, July 27, 2013, 7:00 PM

Central Park, New York, NY


Lianne La Havas received her first keyboard at just 7 years old, and has been a growing talent ever since then. With popular neo-soul artists as inspiration, such as Erykah Badu and Lauryn Hill, her style has traces of jazz, soul, and folk mixed with her own expressive approach. She is a natural talent, with an impressive vocal range and a depth and subtlety that reaches far beyond it, bolstered with a confidence and skill that becomes a powerful presence on stage. She completed her first album, Is Your Love Big Enough? while splitting her time between her native England, New York and Los Angeles, the long distance traveling becoming an inspiration for the album’s title song. She was one of the fifteen musical artists nominated for BBC’s “Sound of 2012.”

Often rocking out with her ukulele in front of her dynamic, versatile band, LP has a voice that is instantly ear-catching, a natural instrument of power and grace.  Fueled by a contagious, pure love of performing, LP’s stage presence is inherently powerful with a free-flowing, infectious confidence honed through her years of touring. LP was drawn heavily to transformational artists, those who blended mystique with the rare ability to make an instant connection with listeners, both as performers and writers. Her live performances gracefully evolved during bouts of intense touring, and her songwriting skills developed profoundly. Her debut album will be released in 2013 and she hopes it will be worthy of her teachers and will also satisfy her own creative expectations.

First introduced by a mutual friend, vocalist Coco O., and multi-instrumentalist/producer Robin Hannibal had immediate chemistry. Dubbing themselves Quadron, the two began making waves with the Motown-inspired single, “Slippin’” making them a darling among music critics. Recognizing the tremendous talent of the duo, New York Magazine, named their self-titled 2009 album as one of the “Top Ten Best” of the year. While Coco’s credits Lauryn Hill and Sade as being at the center of her formative music years, Robin’s flair for layering the intricacies of chord progressions, composition, and instrumentation come from his love for musical greats such as Ennio Morricone and Charles Stepney. Their newest single, “Hey Love” was released in March 2013 and features a pop-friendly tapestry of busy beats and pounding piano.

Whether at the turntables, or in studio behind the boards, DJ Center soul-travels, navigating audiences with a crate of musical goods from around the globe, while echoing a New York state of mind.  Having rocked cities as far and wide as Los Angeles to Barcelona, DJ Center’s signature style remains soulful, feel-good music.  Always aiming to break new tunes and celebrate forgotten gems, a DJ Center set is synonymous with the finest of selections: whether he is doing music supervision for Gucci, recording radio sessions for Giant Step, or keeping party goers on their feet until the wee hours.