Celebrate Brooklyn! Opening Night Concert with Patty Griffin, June 5


Wednesday, June 5, 2013, 8:15 PM

Celebrate Brooklyn!

Prospect Park Bandshell
Brooklyn, NY


Singer/songwriter/storyteller Patty Griffin started playing the guitar and singing when she was a young girl growing up in Maine. The youngest of seven, Patty turned to music as a way to express herself and have a voice in such a large family. Although she is now a seasoned veteran of the Americana music scene, her songs still retain the intimacy and earnestness of a lovelorn teenager’s diary. They will make you smile, cry, and long for a day gone by.

Since her debut in 1996 with Living with Ghosts, Patty Griffin has continued to release critically-acclaimed albums steeped in Americana, love, sadness, apparitions, and salt-of-the-earth characters. Continually evolving, Griffin’s success across genres has been recognized with a Grammy nomination for her second album 1,000 Kisses and the “Best Traditional Gospel Album” Grammy award for Downtown Church in 2010. Besides her solo work, one can also hear her music while she is touring with Robert Plant’s Band of Joy or on songs which have been covered by industry icons like Emmylou Harris, Bette Midler, and Dixie Chicks.

Although she has since moved away from Maine, her family continues to be an inspiration to her work. Her seventh studio album American Kid, which will be released mere weeks before her night at the Bandshell, was inspired by her father’s life as a science teacher, a World War II veteran and a one-time tenant of a Trappist monastery.

We will be proud to count her among our family when her crisp, soulful voice kicks off our 35th year of warm summer nights at the Bandshell. (source: Celebrate Brooklyn!)