SummerStage: Jovanotti, Los Amigos Invisibles, & Natalia Lafourcade

Saturday July 31, 2010 3:00 PM

Central Park, New York, NY

A convergence of pop superstars from Italy, Venezuela and Mexico represent the global connectivity and collective ability to merge musical genres of dance, elctro, hip-hop and pop.

Italian superstar Jovanotti is perhaps the best known pop/hip-hop artist in Italy’s history, regularly performing to sold-out stadium crowds throughout his native land. Jovanotti has consistently explored and integrated other musical genres such as folk, rock and even classical into his vast repertoire. He has proven to be as comfortable appearing on record with Pavarotti as with Bono. In July 2009, Jovanotti took a break from the stadium lights to do a run of small, decidedly stripped-down acoustic performances at intimate NYC and this marks his return to the big stage audiences expect.

Los Amigos Invisibles, originally from Venezuela, can always get a party started with their dance-inducing fusion of funk, disco and acid jazz. The band made a name for themselves in 1995 with their debut album A Typical Autoctonal Venezuelan Dance Band, which they performed live in a series of underground dance parties in abandoned clubs throughout Caracas. In 2009, the band released their seventh studio album, Commercial, a critical success that garnered the band a Latin Grammy for Best Latin Alternative Album.

Natalia Lafourcade is a superstar in her native Mexico. Her music explores the joining lines of bossa-nova and rock through a pop style that is coquettish, flirty and sweet in the style of Tori Amos or Bj&oumlrk.