She & Him, Oakley Hall

Sunday July 4 4:00 PM

The Beach @Governors Island
>Governors Island

Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward originally started their collaboration for She & Him via email. Eventually they took their collaboration into the studio in 2007 and recorded their first album Volume One (2008). Volume One was well received by critics and ranked highly on many top album lists. After the release of Volume One there was much interest in their collaboration and where it could go. In 2010 Volume Two, their second recorded collaboration, was released. Once again their work was well received and favoited by many critics. Today you can hear the magic from the combination of Zooey Deschanel’s sultry vocals and M. Ward musical arrangements at Governors Island for free. Not to be missed.

Opening today is >Oakley HallInterview: …the Brooklyn six-piece- who took their name from Thomas Pynchon’s favorite cult novelist- mixes pristine coed harmonies and banjo-and-fiddle arrangements with shambling folk and fuzzy rave-ups