Punk Island 2010

Punk Island 2010 will be held on Sunday, June 20th, starting at 10am and going until 2am on June 21st at the new Governors Island Water Taxi Beach stage. There will be over 100 punk bands performing. Here’s a list of the bands:

Abserdo NJ
All Rise NC
All Torn Up! NY
Angry & Broke Baltimore
Angry Youth VA
Assrash Minneapolis
Bad Luck 13 PA
Betty Sue Aside Baltimore
Blanks 77 NJ
Bloody Muffs NY
Broken CT
Bucket Flush PA
Buerger Wuerger Germany
Burning Heads France
Captain Ronzo & The Thirsty Pirates NY
Copyright Chaos CT
Crash Fist Fight Florida
Dead Aces NY
Dog That Bites Everyone NY
DOA Canada
Jonee Earthquake Band NH/MA/MD
Factor X NJ
First Strike NY
Fools on Sunday NY
Live Not On Evil PA
Mary Magdalan CA
Mean Streets PA
Mental Abuse NY
Mung Choke VA
Murder Majesty Las Vegas
Nancy and 2 Meteors VA
No Abuse NJ
Olde York NY
Pissant VA
Point Blank VA
Proles Blood PA/NJ
Psycho MASS
Razors In The Night MASS
Seizure Crypt NY
Sewage NY
Shelter Shock Baltimore
Team Spider NY
The Choices NJ
The Dwarves CA
The Pogo VA
The Rayguns NJ
The Revilers MASS
The Snails PA
To Be Hated FL
Tough Luck CT
Turbo AC’s NY
Wombat in Combat NY
Y69 VT
Negative Approach MI
Simplistic Genocide CT