Givers, Drink up Buttercup, The King Expressers

Wednesday May 5 6:00 PM

Brooklyn Bowl
61 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

What do Givers give? It is an often overlooked, yet all too important question concerning these starry-eyed melodi-mystic rebels. They take hearts, this much is known. They certainly take away any restraint one may have had concerning revealing dance moves. They take time, they take care, they take naps, they STEAL attention… but what do they GIVE?! I stare intently between songs, through lasers, feathers, sweat, confetti, paint, at these friends who i must now call people as they are at once also strangers in the throes of the prismauditory hallucination that is their music. The colors, tones, shapes, and threads, up-beat, weaving, psych-folk, meshing, afro-delic, beckoning my mind out into the open, much as a dream catcher above one’s bed. Then it hits me: Givers give dreams. Seeing them perform is to be overloaded with blissful information. More than one’s mind could ever hope to descramble and classify within any 24 hour period. Their music is not only music; it is motivation, inspiration, and a celebration of the world around us. To experience it is to be changed forever, for the better; to know that you yourself have more to Give. More

The King Expressers 8:00 PM
Drink up Buttercup 9:00 PM
Givers 10:00 PM