The 5th Annual Derby Day Festivities!

Saturday May 1 3:30 PM – 7:30 PM

Pete’s Candy Store
709 Lorimer Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Noble Ladies! Gentle Men! Is not the first Saturday of May the most triumphant day of the calendar? For it is the day upon which the Horses Run for the Roses! Yes, friends, the KENTUCKY DERBY once again refreshes our dreary plod through life, with it’s tumultuous two-minutes of rapture, all unfurled amid the hubbub of Springtime!

Come join us at Pete’s Candy Store, in Brooklyn, where the rich grandeur of the day will be vaingloriously elevated with coquettish distractions and manly pursuits, including:

• Ladies Millinery Corner, being a hat-making amusement for the restorative benefit of the female head, and lending a general zest to the proceedings.

• The resplendent fount of horse-sense that is Pete’s Paddock, a repository of erudition upon the subject of the chosen colts and geldings subject to the Derby.

• The Bluegrass Blue-Plate Special, being an inexpensive menu of Barbecued Baby-Back Ribs, Potato Salad, and Derby Pie with Whipped Cream!

• The Hooker’s Handicapp, whereby odds are poetically advanced based on each colt’s pedigree.

• The much beloved Idiot Stakes, being a cheap amusement for reprobates.

• …And, of course, Parimutuel Pastimes such as may on occasion yield great bounty.

So come tarry-awhile at Pete’s Candy Store, and enjoy the most exciting two minutes in sports. All are welcome! And please dress like a goddamn debutante!!

Then the music…

9:00 PM Walri
Walri brings tasty psychedelic love-rock jams to the place where they belong…BROOKLYN. Three part harmonies and homemade guitar tones complement quirky songs that defy prediction and expectation. Clever orchestrations are seamlessly executed with vigor, but you might be too busy with all the hooks to notice.

10:00 PM Feet-Like Fins
Shoe-Wave guitar freak out.

11:00 La Pieta
Female led indie rock.