Blind Date with DJ Dolores & Siba Otto

sibaFriday August 21 7:30 PM

Lincoln Center Out of Doors
Josie Robertson Plaza, Damrosch Park
New York, NY

Northeastern Brazil’s Recife emerged in the mid-’90s as a cultural incubator, giving birth to manguebeat, the most important Brazilian musical movement to emerge since Tropicalia. Debuting as Blind Date, DJ Dolores’ futuristic dub-influenced breakbeats update regional styles like coco, ciranda, and maracatu with help from earthy neotraditonalist fiddler/vocalist Siba. The idiosyncratically charismatic Otto’s seductive pop swirl posits him as a funky shaman for the jet-set.(Source)

Frevo Bombastico
South Plaza 7:00 PM

Some of New Yorks’s finest musicians perform supercharged carnival frevo from Recife, Brazil, known for its hyper-driven dancing and pyrotechnic umbrella spinning.