Sasha Dobson, Lauren Smith, Carina Round


Pete’s Candy Store
709 Lorimer Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Sasha Dobson 8:30 PM
Every Sunday night at Pete’s Candy Store, songstress Sasha Dobson will be performing original music from her forthcoming album. In the cozy red-lit back room, Dobson transports listeners w/ a pleasantly new perspective of folk/rock and bossa……A rare escapes from the hustle of the new york club scene into a space where music reigns supreme.

Lauren Smith 9:30 PM
Spunky poetic lyrics that span topics both personal and political: from slow, swelling and mantra-like to intricate, fast-paced, punchy and urgent, in a style that’s down to earth and conversational. Come see Lauren and her cast of talented musicians every Sunday as they sings songs sure to bring you major auditory delight.

Carina Round 10:30 PM
Carina Round is a British dynamic singer/songwriter – comparisons are frequently drawn to PJ Harvey and Patti Smith.