Pink Noise, CSC Funk Band

pinknoiseSunday June 28 9:00 PM

258 Wythe Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Pink Noise is a local art rock quartet who strives to keep their audience guessing. Standing on the shoulders of bands like the Pixies and fellow NYC ground breakers Sonic Youth, Pink Noise don’t rely on any infectious pop hooks or catchy dance beats.Instead their latest LP, “All Is Nu”, produces a tremulous vibe, a feeling, a notion simultaneously disarming and eerie. Their sound moves nimbly from amorphous, ambient buzz to more traditionally structured rock with a flick of the wrist. lead singer sharron sulami’s voice is reminiscent of PJ Harvey’s throaty whisper. Unafraid to keep her voice restrained as long as possible, she waits till the perfect moment to let out a howl. the guitars are colorful but not flashy, adding texture but not pretension. for the full pink noise experience, check out their live show. they are precise almost to a fault, like four musicians playing with a shared brain. the result is tight, complex, and fascinating.”
The Deli Magazine
Spring 2006 – Tom O’connell

CSC Funk Band was Carcinogenic Static Carnival is CSC FUNK BAND. Thats our name now. It started as a one time thing but look at us now. Tape/CD available at Minimalist Funk. Repetition experiments. Improvisation exercises. Family fun. All star band killing it featuring Colin L(usaisamonster), Matt Mottel (talibam), Matt Clarke (Ostinato), Jimmy Thomson (Gwar), Jesse Lent (Monte Vista), Jonny Matteo(La Fundacion), Dave Kadden(Invisible Circle), Lathan Hardy, Alan Bjorkland and others. horn section. bongos. solos. psychadelic. We adapt and rearrange repetitous funk songs, keeping it dirty. We do originals. We even do a Dead cover. No rules, but it started and stays funky. Max Katz (Red Wizard) and Saki were in the band for a while and may be again, and Seth and Nick play with us sometimes. Its pretty revolving but chaos rules the universe. But all in all its pretty stable crew of solid dudes.