Matt Bauer, Lewis and Clarke

lewis_and_clarke_band_apr09_wbThursday June 25 9:00 PM

258 Wythe Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Matt Bauer – “Matt Bauer’s banjo-driven folk songs hang together on a gossamer thread, moving from background to foreground with an understated power.”

Lewis and Clarke – Lewis & Clarke is the nom de plume of Lou Rogai and collaborators. The moniker has been described as metaphor for journey on many levels; musical, spiritual, and physical. Rogai is quoted by describing the project as “a vessel crafted for many, but operable alone if need be.” The name is also a reference to the fellowship and correspondence between C.S. Lewis and Arthur C. Clarke. Rogai is credited as composer/musician/songwriter as well as founder of La Société Expéditionnaire, an artist-based cooperative record label dedicated to exposing the wild and/or fragile music of colleagues.